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"In the last year the team from Phillips-McDade has brought us into the 21st century. We are now saving several thousand dollars a month, and have improved comfort and indoor air quality.

A year ago we decided to replace our HVAC maintenance contractor. We had benchmarked our utility costs, and it was apparent that we were spending a lot more on gas and electric than we should. Phillips-McDade was invited to bid on our contract, based on a recommendation from our mechanical engineer of record. After they took over the contract we found about 1/3 of the equipment was not working properly. After a few months of repairs and familiarization we committed to install a building management system based on Reliable controls. Soon after the first stage of that system was in place I received a text message at the breakfast table, alerting me to a problem. I called their office and a Phillips-McDade's technician arrived at the office as I did that morning, the problem was corrected before the office staff reported in, and no one else was even aware of the problem. In the past this would have been a 2 day process of discovery, diagnosis, and then scheduling the repair. We don't think in those terms anymore, since we have modernized our controls.

As a property manager I try to have relationships with the vendors that give the best value and that understand my business as well as they know their own. Phillips-McDade is that kind of a company."

Fairshare Corporation, Tom Jennings, Property Manager for Northgate II Building

"The performance of Phillips McDade on the various projects at the Upper Deerfield Township Schools must be commented. Their staff performed their tasks in a very efficient manner to make a difficult projects work smoothly. Their staff is able to address any problem and take the appropriate steps to provide effective solutions.

We highly recommend Phillips McDade for any project that requires building automation solutions. Our recommendation is based on their excellent performance at our school district."

Upper Deerfield Township Schools, William Widen, CEFM, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds

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